Over-Sheeting a Thatch Roof: Convert your Thatch Roof Now

This roof conversion system involves cladding or over-sheeting the original roof with tiles or roof sheeting

Before and after picture of a large thatched rondavel which we converted to corrugated roof sheeting
Before and after pictures of a large rondavel over-sheeted in metal roof sheeting

Can you convert a Thatch Roof to another type of Roofing?

If this is the first page you’ve landed on you’re probably thinking about converting your thatch roof to another type of roofing. The good news is that you can! At Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes we offer three different systems to convert thatch roofs: Structure Stays, Renovate/ Reconstruct and Over-sheeting. While we recommend using the Structure Stays system which removes all of the thatch from your roof, in some cases it is possible to over-sheet the original roof.

This article explains the over-sheeting system in more detail. It also introduces some of the roofing products that we use for conversions.

To find out more about roof conversions and the other systems, visit our main page Thatch Roof Conversions >

Over-sheeting a Thatch Roof

First thing’s first – when over-sheeting a thatch roof the original roof needs to be in a very good condition! What does that mean?

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