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Thatch Roof Converted to Tiles in Hogsback, Eastern Cape

Specialists in Converting Thatch Roofs

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We specialize in converting thatch roofs to other roofing types. Thatch roofs on homes, holiday cottages, lodges and lapas can be converted to other roofing types such as tiles, roof sheeting and shingles. We use a few different systems to convert thatch roofs and can advise you on what could work for your roof when we have seen it.

We are based in Chintsa East, around 40km outside of East London and we service roofs in the wider Eastern Cape area. 

Why do people want to convert a thatch roof?

There are a number of reasons why home owners with thatched roofs may choose to convert to tiles or roof sheeting:

  • If a thatch roof is in a bad condition it can become expensive to maintain over time especially in areas with overhanging trees and lots of shade
  • Water can’t be harvested from a thatched roof and it’s becoming more and more important to have access to rain water
  • If badly maintained, thatch can be at higher risk of fire and the associated insurance costs can be high
  • Standard roofing products can reduce the risk of insect, bird and animal damage to the roof

How do you convert a thatch roof?

We offer three different systems to convert thatched roofs – your choice will depend on the current condition of the roof, as well as whether you want to keep the original structure of the roof or renovate the roof entirely:

Thatch Roof Conversion Systems

The roof was converted using the Structure Stays system

Structure Stays

The Structure Stays system removes the thatch from the roof entirely, but keeps the original roof structure. We recommend this conversion system on most projects, especially if the existing thatch shows signs of rotting and /or dust fall. We remove all of the thatch so ceilings also have to be fitted under the new roofing. Because thatch is such a good insulator, when it is removed, extra insulation needs to be installed between the ceiling and the new roofing to make sure that the building has proper insulation and heat management.

This roof was reconstructed to convert it from thatch to shingles

Renovate/ Reconstruct

Sometimes it’s not possible to convert the original thatched roof and we will need to renovate or reconstruct the roof to convert it. Some thatch roofs are built with curves and shapes that don’t work well with other roofing types so the best way to change the roof is to reconstruct all (or a section of) the roof. In this case we strip the entire roof covering and all (or part of) the structure, before rebuilding it. You can redesign and renovate your roof entirely, choosing a new roof covering, ceilings and eave ceilings, and gutter systems. Often clients choose this system as a part of a larger renovation.

Over Sheeting

Our final conversion system is over-sheeting. This involves overlaying the original thatched roof with tiles or roof sheeting. The original thatch roof needs to be in a particularly good condition to make this a problem free roofing option. Most roofs need maintenance on the thatch before over-sheeting. Find out more >

Photo Portfolio of Recent Projects

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What roofing products can you choose when converting from thatch?

We can offer a range of new roofing choices when you convert from thatch. Your choice will depend on the shape and current state of the roof structure, the location and climate of your home and your personal preference of how you want the roof to look. You also need to think about your budget!

The three main types of roofing that we use on conversions are: 

Chintsa East Church gets a new roof!

Aluminum / Aluzinc Roof Sheeting

We use either full aluminum or aluzinc roof sheeting in thatch roof conversions. Metal roof sheeting is a popular choice because it comes in a range of thicknesses, profiles and colours. The metal sheeting is color coated so that the colour is durable. It also has great curb-side appeal! Although the sheeting is not highly flexible, it does have some give.

An example of a thatch roof converted to metrotiles


Metrotile is a lightweight aluzinc stone-coated steel tile that is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. It carries a forty year guarantee on the coast. The tiles are interlocking and flexible making them a great choice for thatch roof conversions. They are available in various colours and profiles.

This thatch roof was converted to shingles

Asphalt Shingles

The shingle roofing system that we use is designed to be a lightweight, aesthetically appealing roofing solution. The tiles have a strong core, are extremely colour fast, weather resistant, maintenance free and beautiful looking. They are available in various colours and profiles.

For advice on the most appropriate choice of roofing product to convert your roof please get in touch with us. Please note that we are located close to East London in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. We service roofs in the wider Eastern Cape area and are available for larger contracts (1000m²+ nationwide).

Featured Projects

The aluminum roof sheeting is coated in the most up to date color technology

Chintsa East Church gets a new Roof

The congregation of the Chintsa East Church decided to treat the beautiful old church building to a new roof. We were lucky enough to be contracted to convert the roof and see the transformation as it happened. The church was converted using the Structure Stays system. Read more >

Thatch roof converted to shingles in Chintsa East - click the link to view on youtube
Thatch Roof Converted to Shingles

We used the Structure Stays system to convert this roof from thatch to shingles. Check out a short video of the new roof on youtube >

Contact us to get a quote to convert your thatch roof or visit our homepage to find out more about the company and our other services: Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes >