Over-Sheeting a Thatch Roof

Our most popular thatch roof conversion system involves cladding or over-sheeting the thatch roof with tiles or roof sheeting.

Before and after picture of a large thatched rondavel which we converted to corrugated roof sheeting
Before and after pictures of a large thatched rondavel over-sheeted in corrugated roofing

This method of converting roofs is popular for a few reasons:

  1. It is the least invasive of our conversion systems because the new roof is laid over the original thatch. This means that most of the work is outside and that the house is not open to the elements at any stage in the process.
  2. It is the most cost effective system because the original thatched roof is retained; there is no need to build a new roof structure, to install extra insulation or ceilings.
  3. It keeps the rustic look and feel of thatch on the inside of the house.

When over-sheeting a thatched roof, the choice of what kind of new roofing you can use may be affected by the shape and style of the original roof design. I will use some of our recently completed projects to explain what roofing products are available and why you might choose them.

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Old Cape Dutch House Converted from Thatch to Roof Sheeting

We converted this old Cape Dutch Style roof in the Eastern Cape, from Thatch to Roof Sheeting

This thatch roof conversion was on a big family home in Komani (formerly Queenstown). The roof was converted from thatch to corrugated aluzinc roof sheeting, transforming the entire look of the home.

Thatch roof which has been converted to aluzinc roofing
Thatch Roof Converted to Roof Sheeting, Eastern Cape

The original roof design was fairly complex with many hips and valleys. Our clients found that the thatch on the roof needed consistent maintenance (especially in areas around the valleys). They therefore took the decision to convert from thatch to another roofing product.

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