Reroof the Hogsback Hotel in Metal Roof Sheeting: Featured Project

Feature Project: Reroof the Hogsback Hotel

A hail storm damaged the roof of the historic Hogsback Inn and Bosazza Roofing & Timber homes was contracted to reroof the hotel. The new roof had to match the aesthetics of the location.

The Hogsback Inn is steeped in history, dating back to it’s construction in 1880. It is the oldest hotel in Hogsback. The hotel offers accommodation, a restaurant and pub, conferencing and weddings. All in the idyllic setting of the Hogsback mountains. Owners Mark & Linda were in the process of upgrading the hotel facilities when a hail storm damaged the roof tiles. We were contracted to reroof the hotel, replacing the tiles with a suitable alternative.

Reroof in Corrugated Roof Sheeting

Our clients chose to reroof the hotel in corrugated AZ150 Colorplus® roof sheeting. Steel roofing is very popular at the moment and has huge curbside appeal. Not only does it look classy, it’s is available in a range of colours, it is durable and light weight. Steel is also a recyclable material and can be considered an environmentally friendly and sustainable building material; it’s recyclable nature saving raw materials and minimizing energy consumption.

Steels most valuable property is it’s ability to be recycled many times without any loss to it’s inherent qualities. Even steel made 150 years ago can be recycled into new products.

AZ150 is a steel roof sheeting suitable for inland, non corrosive environments. To create the Colorplus® sheeting, the steel is dipped in an alloy of aluminum, zinc and silicon. This process is designed to improve the steel sheeting by:

– creating a tough physical barrier between the extreme elements and the steel core
– protecting the cut edges

It also gives the roof sheeting an attractive colour with more durability than standard painting which chalks and fades over time. The colour of the roof sheeting on this project is Thunderstorm.

The Project

The Conference Centre and Wedding Venue

We were contracted to reroof three buildings at the Hotel: the Conference Centre, Riverside Suites and Staff House. We began with the largest roof which was the Conference Centre. This building was the most complex due to the shape of the roof. The height was also a challenge; the highest point was almost four stories up from ground level.

The Conference Centre reroofed in metal roof sheeting
The Conference Centre at the Hogsback Hotel
BEFORE: The roof tiles were damaged by extreme weather and had to be replaced
AFTER: To reroof the hotel we replaced the tiles with metal roof sheeting

We also replaced and painted the ceilings in the Conference Centre.

BEFORE: The old ceilings had joins between the panels.

The original ceilings were fitted with joining strips which, although budget friendly, does not look great over a big area of ceiling.

The new ceilings that we fitted do not have joins. This gives the room a more more up-market and stylish finish.

The client also made yellowwood timber panels to fit around the room. This feature gives the room a unique character and makes it stand out.

AFTER: The new ceilings that we fitted are “seamless” ceilings. This gives the Conference Centre a stylish and upmarket feeling
The Riverside Suites

The Riverside Suites are the top spot to stay in at the Hotel. They are right next to a trickling stream that flows through the property. Each room has it’s own fireplace and chimney reaching through the roof. Because of this we had to pay special attention to the roofing in these areas. Each chimney is fitted with special flashings around it, and also leading from the chimney to the top ridge of the roof.

BEFORE: We had to replace these damaged roof tiles to show off the best rooms in the house!
AFTER: The corrugated roof sheeting in Thunderstorm grey has real curbside appeal
Each suite has it’s own fireplace and chimney so we had to fit special flashings to the chimneys
The Staff House

The roof on the Staff House has a similar design to the Conference Centre but is smaller. We removed the damaged roof tiles and reroofed with corrugated roof sheeting.

We also reroofed the Staff House

Our High Quality Roof Finishes

To finish the roof off at the edges we use matching roof flashings. We fit these flashings on the ridge, the valleys and at the edges of the roof. This makes the roof look great and also makes sure that it is wind and water tight.

This picture is an example of the high quality finishes that we use to complete the roof. We fit matching flashings at the ridge, on the valleys and on the edges of the roof.

Challenges that we Faced During the Project

Every job has it’s challenges and this project was not without them. The Hogsback Hotel is very popular and is often fully booked. This means that the hotel had to be closed during the reroofing process. Because of this our contract period had strict deadlines.

The weather in Hogsback can be unpredictable and the Summer months can be wet and rainy. We found working to strict deadlines with unpredictable weather to be a challenge. Fortunately our teams committed to working when the weather allowed and rest when the rain came (which it did!).

Another potential challenge on the project was the shortage of steel in South Africa. We are still experiencing the shortage now, which has had repercussions on the sheet roofing industry as a whole. Luckily we were able to source a coil of steel for rolling the roof sheeting with supplier Safintra. Delays would have been unacceptable on this project. Fortunately we were working with a supplier that understood this and committed to getting the roofing to us in time.

Despite these challenges we completed the project on time and well within the contract period.

Project Completion Date: November 2020

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