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Large Thatching Projects


Thatch Roofs & Homes

New Thatched Roof on Stone Cottage

New Thatch Roof on Stone Cottage

LOCATION: Brakfontein, East London
SIZE: 135m²
SCOPE OF WORKS: This small, stone built cottage had an existing thatch roof that we stripped and replaced. A small covered area extends out of the roof to cover the entrance at the back of the house.

New Thatch Roof on Rondavel

LOCATION: Alice, Eastern Cape
COMPLETION DATE: February 2020
SIZE: 6m Diameter Rondavel (41m² Roof)
SCOPE OF WORKS: This small traditional rondavel had an existing thatch roof that was leaking. The original thatch and laths were stripped and replaced. We also applied fire retardant spray to the new roof.

The main roof being thatched

New Thatched Roofs at Rural Homestead

LOCATION: Nqamakwe, Eastern Cape
SIZE: 566m² (5 roofs in total)
SCOPE OF WORKS: These five units were built by our client, who contracted us to construct and thatch the new roof structures.

New Thatched Roof on Holiday Cottage, Eastern Cape

New Thatched Roof on Holiday Cottage

LOCATION: Qolora, Eastern Cape
COMPLETION DATE: December 2018
SCOPE OF WORKS: Strip old roof entriely, construct new thatched roof design. Fit new roof on veranda. Additional internal renovations.

Newly Thatched Roof on Home in Eastern Cape

Re-thatch of Flatlet

LOCATION: Chintsa East, Eastern Cape
SCOPE OF WORKS: Strip all old thatch from roof and re-thatch in Hyparrhenia Hirta thatch grass; apply fire retardant spray throughout.

Properly Finished Valley at Gable End of Thatched Roof

Traditional Style Thatched Roof

LOCATION: Cape St. Francis, Eastern Cape
COMPLETION DATE: November 2016
SCOPE OF WORKS: Strip all old thatch from roof, re-thatch in Cape Reed

Thatch Lapa & Entertainment Areas

Thatch Lapa built in East London, Eastern Cape

Reconstructed Thatch Lapa

LOCATION: Nahoon, East London
COMPLETION DATE: February 2019
SIZE: 37m²
SCOPE OF WORKS: This thatch lapa was built to replace an existing structure that was failing. The original structure was stripped in entirety and the new lapa was constructed to the specifications of the Thatcher's Association of South Africa (TASA).

Large Thatched Lapa - Closed in with Brick Walls

Walled Thatch Lapa

LOCATION: Chintsa East, Eastern Cape
SCOPE OF WORKS: Construct pole structure and thatch closed/ walled thatched lapa with scallop shaping in thatch; build chimney for braai & install flashing at thatch level; supporting construction work; apply fire protection to thatch roof.

Large Thatch Lapa for Outdoor Entertainment, Eastern Cape

Large Thatch Lapa at Wedding Venue

LOCATION: The C Club, Chintsa East, Eastern Cape
SCOPE OF WORKS: Remedial work on existing pole structure; thatching in Cape Reed thatch.