Project: Walled Thatch Lapa in Chintsa

Large Thatched Lapa - Closed in with Brick Walls
Large Thatched Lapa – Closed in with Brick Walls

Often lapa designs are open or semi-closed with no walls or perhaps a wall at the back. Here is an example of a large thatched lapa that Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes constructed which is closed in with four brick walls.

The lapa is free standing in the clients garden – not attached to any part of the main house. The floor area is approximately 60 square metres which ensconces a large open living space, a dining area and simple kitchen including a built in braai. The lapa opens up on the sea facing side via wide sliding doors.

The braai required a brick chimney to go through the thatched roof which was installed with adequate flashings to protect the thatch from heat transfer.

Thatched Lapa with Built in Brick Braai Chimney
Thatched Lapa with Built in Brick Braai Chimney

The thatch is of superior quality and is finished with a rustic scalloped shaping – extremely neat and tidy workmanship both externally and internally.

Internal View of Thatched Lapa with Cape Reed Spray
Internal View of Thatched Lapa with Cape Reed Spray

The project was completed in January 2017.

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10 thoughts on “Project: Walled Thatch Lapa in Chintsa

  1. This is Beautiful I am looking to build this at my residence, I am in the Rural area in 40 KM out of Queenstown towards Cradock.

    How much will it cost me to have this structure built from start to finish. please call me on 0717214704

    1. Hi Lusapho,

      Thanks for your comment – I will get in touch with you this afternoon.

      Kind regards,


    1. Hi Mrs Skepu,

      Thanks for reading our article and taking the time to comment – I will send you an email to get more details. Please keep an eye on your inbox!

      Kind regards,


  2. Hi,

    We have an open thatched lapa that we want to close in with brick walls as per your photo above. We are staying in Pretoria. Do you have someone around here that can quote us?

    1. Hi Fredre,

      Thanks for your inquiry. We work nationwide on larger contracts only – you can contact the Thatcchers Association of South Africa (TASA) to find a reputable contractor in your area: //

      Good luck with your project!

    1. Good afternoon Ina,

      Apologies – we do not do work in your area. You can find a reputable thatcher on the Thatcher’s Association website: //

      We wish you all the best with the project.

      Kind regards,


  3. I want to enclose my current open lapa on 2 sides with brick walls. the lapa is free standing. Would I need permission or new building plans to erect the walls? The current lapa is on building plans

    1. Good afternoon Andre,

      Thanks for your inquiry – I will try and find out the answer for you regarding building permission – I’m not actually 100% sure. I will drop you an email if I get a definitive answer 🙂

      Kind regards,


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