Fall in Love with the Natural Charm of Decorative Concrete

This beautiful timber home makes use of decorative concrete on the floors and walls which brings warmth and character into the home.

Featured Home: This two bedroom bespoke home of 130m² is built in timber frame and has distinct decorative concrete finishes which make it feel warm and filled with natural charm.

Location: Chintsa East, East London, Eastern Cape

The Brief

Our brief for this project began with a stumbling block; our clients Jeanette and Anida had obtained detailed plans for a beautiful home from an architect out of the area but when requesting quotations from local builders, it became obvious that the plan did not match the reality of building costs and the available budget.

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The Building Process: Breaking Ground to Moving Day

Timber Frame House being Built, Eastern Cape
“Breaking Ground” is when the builders dig their first holes for the foundations of your new home

This article is Part II of a two-part series that explains the building process. My aim by writing this series is to inform home (or land) owners building their own custom house about the building process, what to expect from their builder and what steps the building process entails.

In this article I will walk you through steps 10 – 20 of the building process. From when your builder “breaks ground” to the moment that you turn the key in the lock of the front door and finally get to make your custom-built house a home. I will give details about getting soil classification, registering the home build with the NHBRC, how progress reports, payments and variations are managed, inspections of the building, acquiring certificates of compliance, an occupancy certificate, and getting the final building snags fixed up. Your builder/ project manager will manage most of these steps but it’s important that you understand what’s going on and when things should happen.

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Project: Three Bed Timber Home Build

Three Bedroom Timber Home Build, Chintsa East - Eastern Cape
Three Bedroom Timber Home Build, Chintsa East – Eastern Cape

A home doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful! This small three bedroom home design is simple, open plan living at its best; 100m² floor area with a deck of 30m² extending out to the front of the house on to stunning views of Chintsa beach and the Indian Ocean.
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