Get the Oregon Starter Home for under R 900 000

This small timber home is budget friendly and can be the perfect Starter Home or small Forever Home

Everyone has to start somewhere and the Oregon starter home is the perfect size for a couple or small family. We priced this home in October 2021 and including fees, we can build this custom timber home for under R 900 000.00. We have included a full breakdown of the costs included here.

The floor plan is designed specifically with extending in mind, so you can start out small and increase your living space when you and your family (or budget!) are ready.

Oregon Starter Home – Floor Plan

Two bedroom starter home floor plan by Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes
The Oregon floor plan was designed by Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes

The home features:

  • An open plan living, kitchen and dining space
  • A master and second bedroom
  • A separate bathroom
  • The master bedroom and living area open onto a large deck through glass sliding doors

Timber Home Living – Features of the Oregon Starter Home

Building on Stilts can Save on Your Budget

The Oregon Starter home is designed to be built in timber frame and is raised from ground level on “stilts”. This method of building can be a big budget saver because the ground doesn’t have to be excavated for concrete foundations. The raised height of the house can also improve your view!

3D rendering of the two bedroom timber home, built on stilts
3D rendering of the two bedroom timber home which is built on stilts

Bring the Inside Out!

At Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes we are huge fans of bringing the inside out. The hot summer months of the South African climate mean that it is essential to have a functional outdoor area. This home has large glass sliding doors at the front of the living room and master bedroom which open out onto an extended deck so there is plenty of space for the all important braai and outdoor dining area!

Cleverly Thought-out Ventilation

The windows and doors in this starter home have been designed to allow maximum ventilation and air flow therefore there are windows or doors on all sides of the house that can be opened to get the most out of even the slightest summer breeze.

3D image of the back of the two bedroom timber home
Windows and doors are positioned on all sides of this home to allow maximum air flow and ventilation

Open-Plan Living

The open-plan living room and kitchen is around 28.5m² allowing ample room for all of the essentials; a sizeable sofa, a comprehensive kitchen and even a small dining table or breakfast bar.

The bathroom is large enough to hold a full sized bath and it would be easy to add a wall mounted shower above the bath.

Both bedrooms are spacious enough to fit queen sized beds and built in cupboards, still with space to move around.

3D Floor Plan of the two bedroom starter home
3D Floor Plan of the two bedroom starter home

Options to Extend the Home in Future

Extending on the Same Level

Depending on the size of your land, there may be the option to extend the house on the same level. In the example below we have added 23.5m² to the house, including a large master bedroom and en-suite bathroom. We have also extended the deck at the front of the house which gives you access through sliding doors to the new master bedroom.

An example of how the floor plan could be extended on the same level as the original house
The highlighted area shows how the basic Oregon Starter Home could be extended on the same level, to add a large master bedroom and en-suite
3D rendering of the extended timber home
Above is a 3D rendering of the extended timber home from the outside – the new master bedroom is on the left hand side
of the picture
Extending with a Split Level

This home also lends itself to building a ground floor story underneath the original building. This can be built in as a garage or could be a full second story to the house with bedrooms, an office, utility or storage space. The options of what you decide to make this floor are endless!

Above is a 3D image of the original starter home, with a garage built in on the ground floor

If you intend to build below the original house this needs to be taken into consideration during the initial building project so that the house it constructed with enough height beneath to accommodate the new level.

Smaller Home Improvements

A smaller improvement that we would recommend is to cover the deck area with a matching or translucent roofing material. This will make the deck use-able in all types of weather, providing both shelter and shade. It will also protect the front of the house better from the elements and will shield the front bedroom(s) and living area from the sun.

3D rendering of how the original home design looks with the deck area covered in a matching roof
The small addition of a roof over the deck area can make a big improvement to the home by making the deck use-able in any weather
The additional roof we have chosen matches the original roof style
We have chosen a matching roof type for this example but another complimentary roofing for the deck would be clear polycarbonate sheeting which could let in more light

Budget to Build Your Two Bedroom, Oregon Home

Building your own home is likely one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime and it’s important to be prepared financially for all of the costs associated with building so that you do not over-stretch your real financial capacity. At Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes we like to be transparent about the cost of building to assist you in this process, and also to ensure that you don’t get an unexpected bill along the way that can lead to major stress and even, potentially, a stalled building project.

In October 2021 this home is priced from R 691 850.00 (excluding VAT). This includes turnkey construction of the home with middle-of-the-range fixtures and fittings.

Additional Costs Associated with Building

There are additional costs associated with building a custom home which include:

  • NHBRC fees
  • Engineers appointment
  • Soil testing and classification
  • Architectural drawings and municipal submission
  • Earthworks and landscaping
  • Water and electrical connections
  • Termite treatment

These are all essential costs to take into consideration when building. For a small starter home like the one featured in this article, a generous estimate for these extra costs would be in the range of R 60 – 80 000.00 (excluding VAT). This does of course depend largely on your choice of architect or drafts person as fees for architectural services can cover a wide range of budgets.

Non-Essential Extra’s to Consider

There are other works to think about as well – these aren’t essential but can improve the quality of your build. These include:

  • Retaining and boundary walls
  • Storm water drainage
  • Fencing
  • Paving
  • Installation of water tanks, concrete stands and a pump system

I haven’t estimated a fee for these costs as they totally depend on your individual preferences and the size and shape of your land.

Summary of estimated budget for this two bedroom starter home:

SUBTOTAL: R 771 850.00
Plus 15% VAT: R 115 777.50
TOTAL: R 887 627.50

Voila! Your very own starter home for under R 900 000.00.

Looking for ways to Save on your Building Budget?

If you’re working with a smaller budget to begin with there are also ways to save on the initial building project. A few ideas to do this are to:

  • Reduce the length and width of the front deck & install a window in the main bedroom instead of a sliding door
  • Hold off on installing a built-in kitchen and/or bedroom cupboards

Please share your thoughts!

We would love your feedback on this floor plan – is it an appropriate size and does it have all of the features that you’re looking for in a starter home?

If you’re looking for more detailed advice about the process of building your own custom home, hop on over to our article: The Process to Build a Custom Home – First Steps

And check out some of our other timber home floor plans with pricing, or visit our Home page to find out more about Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes.

*N.B., All floor plans and 3D renderings are intended for use as concept drawings only and are not architecturally accurate. Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes reserves the right to revise pricing at any time.

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