One Bedroom Cabin Floor Plan – Designed for Resorts

This one bedroom cabin floor plan is designed specifically for resorts and game farms looking to build small accommodation units. The floor plan is simple and cost effective but keeps character and comfort in mind.

The floor plan is based on units that we built at Tsitsa Falls Resort in the Eastern Cape, where 10 cabins overlook the majestic Tsitsa Waterfalls. Check out our original article about the Tsitsa Falls Project.

TSITSA DESIGN – One Bedroom Cabin Floor Plan

One bedroom cabin floor plan with bedroom and kitchenette, en-suite shower room and deck
One bedroom cabin floor plan

Features of the cabin:

Floor area 28m² / Deck area 12.6m² (not including access ramp)

  • A small bedroom that opens up onto a deck through sliding doors
  • The bedroom is designed with high ceilings and large windows which create light and air flow
  • A small corner kitchenette with a sink, fridge, microwave and storage space
  • An en-suite shower room with a large shower, basin and toilet
  • The door joining the bedroom and shower room slides into the wall to save space
  • The deck has an optional built in braai which can be used for cooking or as a fire place
  • You access the cabin via a wooden ramp with a very slight slope
  • The deck and access ramp are covered to provide shade and shelter, as well protection from wear and tear on the building

3D Views of the Floor Plan

Front view of the small one bedroom cabin
The small cabin has large windows and high ceilings which create light, space and air inside

The image above shows the access ramp and front deck as well as the main access to the cabin which is through the sliding door at the front. The deck has a built in braai or fireplace at one end where the chimney for the braai extends out of the top of the roof.

One bedroom cabin; front corner view in 3D
The roof is single pitch which is both attractive and cost effective

The roof is designed with a single pitch. As well as being an attractive characteristic of the cabin, this is cost effective. The roof has quite a large overhang all the way around the building which offers protection from the weather. It is also supported by angled wooden posts which become an aesthetic feature of the design.

One bedroom cabin; back corner view
The roof has a large overhang all the way around the cabin

The log cabin can be built on “stilts” which raises it off the ground and means that the ground does not need to be leveled before foundations are built.

One bedroom cabin; back corner view
The roof is supported with wooden posts, fitted at an angle

The large windows in the left side and front of the cabin create lots of light and air flow in the small space. Inside, the ceiling and roof beams are exposed. The high ceiling also adds to the feeling of space inside.

Real Examples of the One Bedroom Cabin

Below are some examples of cabins built to the original floor plan which was designed by Imbono FJA Architects for the Tsitsa Falls Resort in the Eastern Cape.

The original floor plan has an additional fire place inside the cabin, as well as being slightly narrower (at 4m width).

One bedroom log cabin built by Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes
Small, one bedroom log cabin built by Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes
Floor plan designed by Imbono FJA Architects
One bedroom timber cabin, with access ramp by Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes
One bedroom timber cabin, with access ramp, built by Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes
Inside the Timber Cabins
Inside the Timber Cabins

Alternative Design Ideas – Let your Imagination Run Wild!

If you’re designing a custom home or building project, the possibilities are endless! Here are a few ideas that we came up with to alter the one bedroom cabin floor plan.

Use Stairs Instead of a Ramp

The original floor plan uses a sloped ramp built in decking to access the house. The ramp wraps around the side of the house from the deck and runs the entire length of the cabin. While I find this a more attractive and access friendly option, it’s also possible to use stairs to access the cabin.

One bedroom cabin with steps to access, built by Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes
One bedroom cabin with steps to access the front deck

Choosing stairs instead of the access ramp would save on budget due to the fact that the stairs use less timber than the ramp and the deck is reduced in size.

Beach Style Instead of Log Cabin

The cabins that we built were designed around the look of a log cabin, perfect to fit into woody mountain resorts or rustic game reserves. It would also look great built in the style of a beach cottage with fiber cement cladding on the outside and light wooden decks.

One bedroom beach cottage 3D image - Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes
This 3D image offers an idea of what the one bedroom cabin would look like in a beach style
Starter Home or Bachelor Pad – with the Opportunity to Extend in the Future

This one bedroom cabin is a simple and cost effective design that is well suited to being built on resorts and at reserves for guests to stay. In the same way it could be built as a small bachelor pad or granny flat, or be used for private rentals or as a bed and breakfast.

With a few modifications, the design of the cabin could also offer itself to extending at a later stage. Below is a mock-up of how it can be modified and extended to become a manageable two bedroom house.

Floor plan of the one bedroom cabin, extended into a two bedroom timber home
Floor plan of how to one bedroom cabin could be extended into a two bedroom home.
The orange area highlights the additions to the house.

Phase one (the original cabin) would be used as bedroom with kitchenette and en-suite. Phase two would build two additional bedrooms, the original bedroom would become an open plan living and kitchen area. The deck can also be extended to offer extra outdoor space.

3D rendering of the extended cabin, now a two bedroom timber house
3D rendering of the extended cabin which is now a 2 bedroom timber home

Share your Ideas with us!

Can you think of other alternative ways that this cabin could be built to suit your needs? We would love to hear your ideas – drop us a comment below.

At Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes we offer a range of custom timber home designs – find out more on our “Plans & Pricing” page.

Please note that the floor plans and 3D renderings on our website are not architecturally accurate, they are intended solely for use in developing ideas during the design stages of your new home building project.

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