Thatch Roofs & Homes

Thatched Roof in Traditional Style, Eastern Cape

When Cintsa Thatching Cc. was established in 1999 thatch roofing was the core of the business. Today, with our new brand Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes, we continue to carry those core services – guaranteeing sturdy, long lasting structures, stunning finishes and quality service. We thatch roofs and homes, B&B’s and Inns large and small – from design to finish. All roofs are overseen and signed off by a specialist structural engineer giving you peace of mind in your new roof. Only the highest quality materials are used during the construction and thatching process. 

Our work is completed to the specifications of the Thatchers Association of South Africa (TASA) of which we are a full member, and carry a guarantee on workmanship.

Recent Projects

Newly Thatched Roof on Home in Eastern Cape

Re-thatch of Flatlet, Chintsa

Bosazza Roofing was contracted to re-thatch a large, self-contained flatlet on a private property in Chintsa East, Eastern Cape. The original roof had come to the end of it’s lifespan - the thatch was extremely thin and not well compacted resulting in leaks.

Properly Finished Valley at Gable End of Thatched Roof

Traditional Style Thatched Roof,
Cape St. Francis

This thatched roof in Cape St. Francis in the Eastern Cape was in need of a lot of care and attention. The client approached us to give a quotation on repairing or replacing the old thatched roof which was leaking and generally in a bad state of repair.

"We had our bed and breakfast cottages and dining room thatched in 2007 by Cintsa Thatching. The work was carried out professionally and supervised constantly. The after sale service is prompt and efficient. The best Cape Reed thatch was used to complete the job. We highly recommend Jonathan and his crew anytime."
Thatch B&B, Europa Inn, East London
Mr. & Mrs. Stiffler
Europa Inn, East London

Why Choose a Thatch Roof?

  • Aesthetically Beautiful – designing thatch roofs is much less restrictive than using non-flexible roofing solutions. The ability to incorporate beautiful flowing curves into thatch roofs means that you can be creative and design aesthetically stunning roofs
  • Economical – Thatch roofs can be extremely economical as insulators being naturally warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Environmentally Friendly – using locally grown thatch reduces the cost of roofs on the environment. Harvesting some thatch types even encourages growth!

Caring for a Thatched Roof

A thatched roof built to the correct specifications should last between 20 – 30 years – the supporting structure should be permanent. Like any other type of roofing there are some important things to consider in caring for thatch:

  1. Ensure that the thatch type used on your roof is appropriate to the climate in your area – roofs in more harsh climates will degrade more quickly than those in temperate climates.
  2. Cut back any trees that hang over the thatch – not only will water run-off escalate rotting of the thatch but consistently shady conditions are a no no! 
  3. A thatch roof needs to be brushed, filled and compacted a regular intervals throughout it’s lifespan (every 7 – 15 years depending on the climate, thatch type and condition of the roof). Ensure that you use a professional thatching contractor to do this so as not to damage the roof unnecessarily.
  4. As with any other type of roofing – ensure that the drainage valleys are clear of leaves and other debris so that the roof can drain adequately.
  5. Cracks in the concrete capping can cause leaks in the roof – ensure that these are attended to by a professional thatching company who will use waterproofing membrane to seal them 
  6. Applying a thatch fire retardant will not only give you peace of mind in the case of fire and bring your insurance premiums down but can also help to seal the thatch and prolong its lifespan.

The most important thing to take into consideration is that the roof should be built and thatched correctly from the start. While there are moves to regulate the thatching industry in South Africa there are still many rogue contractors offering thatching services that are inadequate. When choosing a thatching contractor always ask to see examples of work completed and get references from previous clients.