Thatch Fire Retardant Spray

Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes is an approved applicator of Thatch Marshal 8000 – a water based fire retardant spray that is applied to thatch to prevent the spread of flames in the event of a fire.

Thatch Marshal 8000

In addition to its fire retardant properties Thatch Marshal 8000 also: 

  • Seals the thatch to increase it’s water residence
  • Makes it more difficult for birds, monkeys and other animals to interfere with the thatch
  • Is resistant to fungus and rot
  • Protects thatch against the suns harsh UV rays

The water-insoluble phosphate used in Thatch Marshal imparts flame reducing properties, reduces rainwater run-off and prolongs the fire retardant properties of treated thatch.  

The thatch fire retardant spray is NON-TOXIC and is safe for both those applying the product as well as those living with it. 

PLEASE NOTE: Thatch Marshal 8000 is a fire RETARDANT – it will not prevent a fire in the case of naked flames coming into contact with a thatched roof. The purpose of a fire retardant spray is to reduce the natural spread of fire in thatch therefore allowing the fire to be attended to. It is important to have an up to date fire rational design in place which, as well as detailing fire precautionary measures, will specify what actions should be taken if a fire breaks and takes into consideration access to water, water pressure and other important fire fighting factors. 

Fire Retardant Spray – Application Process

Thatch Marshal can be applied to both new and existing roofs; the fire retardant solution is applied with a high pressure pump both internally and externally. It is important to use an approved applicator when applying the spray to ensure that the correct measurement of solution is being applied and that all areas are attended to systematically – if the specifications for application are not followed the roof could be inadequately protected. If the spray is being applied to an existing roof the thatch may require maintenance to ensure that it is in an appropriate condition for the application – our team can advise you whether this is the case.

The process of application takes approximately 1 hour/ 10 square meters. The spray takes 30 minutes – 1.5 hours to cure dependent on weather conditions. The fire retardant can only be applied on clear, dry, sunny days. 

Once the spray is dried and cured it is totally clear and invisible. 


The cost of application is dependent on the roof size and location – please note that our quotation is based on the area of the roof, not the floor area of the building. 


Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes will provide a Certificate of Application which can be submitted to insurers and interested parties. This guarantee covers the roof for five years.


The fire retardant spray needs to be re-applied every five years to ensure that the roof is protected.

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