Thatch Fire Retardant Blanket

Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes install a thatch fire retardant blanket, made of glass fibre fabric, into newly thatched roofs. The purpose of the thatch fire blanket is to prevent the spread of flames in the event of a fire breaking out in a thatched roof. 

How a Thatch Fire Blanket Works

A thatch fire blanket acts as protection for your thatched home or building by preventing the spread of fire though the roof. For example; if the fire begins internally (from an electrical spark for example) the fire blanket will stifle any flames on the inside of the roof by preventing them from reaching the outer layers of thatch and sucking oxygen in from outside. Vice versa, if the fire begins on the outside of the roof it will be unable to burn through the fire blanket to internal layers of thatch and access oxygen from the inside of the house to spread further. 

The fire blanket is perforated to allow aeration of the roof.

An additional benefit of a thatch fire blanket is the reduction of dust fall as a roof ages.

PLEASE NOTE: A thatch fire blanket is note fire proof – it is designed to assist in the RETARDANT of flames in a thatched roof, dramatically reducing the speed in which a fire will spread and allowing it to be attended to. It is important to have an up to date fire rational design in place which, as well as detailing fire precautionary measures, will specify what actions should be taken if a fire breaks out and takes into consideration access to water, water pressure and other important fire fighting factors. 

Application of a Thatch Fire Blanket

A thatch fire blanket can only be applied to newly thatched roofs as it is woven in between the layers of thatch during the thatching process. 

Installation of a fire blanket will add a minimal amount of time to the process of thatching the roof.

The fire blanket is completely invisible once the thatching process is complete. 


The cost of application is dependent on the roof size and location – please note that our quotation is based on the area of the roof, not the floor area of the building. 


Bosazza Roofing & Timber Homes will provide a Certificate of Application which can be submitted to insurers and interested parties. 


A fire blanket does not need to be re-applied at any time – only when the roof needs a complete re-thatch will a new fire blanket need to be installed.

OFFICIAL TEST REPORTS: Click on the links below to read the official test results from our fire blanket suppliers

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