Maintenance & Waterproofing

Torch-on Waterproofing - Fix Leaking Roof

We are professional roofing contractors experienced in finding and fixing leaks, roof maintenance and waterproofing. Buildings, homes and roofs are, by design, built to be weather and waterproof. Leaks and damp can arise for various reasons – a building may develop problems or need maintenance, extreme weather could damage an existing roof or original installation specifications may not have been followed. When leaks happen it is important to attend to them quickly to avoid further damage to the house both inside and out. 

Jonathan Bosazza is an experienced specialist in roof maintenance and waterproofing services – completing comprehensive training under the mentorship of Peter Jones at A.B.E Construction Chemicals, East London branch.

Applications of Waterproofing can include:

– Waterproofing of flat or low pitch roofs
– Waterproofing around the installation of skylights and chimney flues
– Waterproofing of flat or low pitch roofs
– Waterproofing of roofs where roof sections overlap or join
– Creation of water-tight drainage channels and boxgutters in roofs and buildings
– Waterproofing of concrete slabs and floors

There are many waterproofing systems and products available, all applicable to specific waterproofing needs and circumstances. Jonathan and the Bosazza Roofing team will work closely with you to ensure that an appropriate solution is planned and applied to your property.

Products and services that we work with include bitumen waterproof coatings and torch-on waterproofing.

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