Thatch Roof Conversions

Thatch Roof Converted to Flexible TilesThatched Roof being Converted to TilesConverted Thatch Roof in Thatch ComplexFlexible Tiles Fitted to Curved Thatch Roof

Bosazza Roofing specializes in converting thatch roofs to other roofing solutions. This is a particularly popular service with thatch roof home owners or thatch lapa and entertainment areas. There are a variety of reasons why home owners with thatched roofs may choose to convert thatch to tiles:

  • If a thatch roof is in a bad condition it can become expensive to maintain over time especially in areas with overhanging trees and lots of shade
  • Clients may want to begin harvesting rain water
  • Thatch can be at higher risk of fire and the associated insurance costs can be high
  • Standard roofing products can reduce the risk of insect, bird and animal damage to the roof

Our systems to convert thatch to tiles were developed by CEO Jonathan Bosazza and use a wide variety of roofing products including flexible roofing tiles and corrugated roof sheeting. Most of the products that we use blend well with thatched roofs making conversion an option even in thatched complexes where the surrounding homes remain thatched.

Convert Thatch to Tiles

We offer three different systems to convert thatched roofs – your choice will depend on the condition of the thatch roof at present as well as whether you want to retain the original structure of the roof or renovate entirely:

A Thatched Roofing - Over-Sheeting with flexible roof sheeting


Our most popular system to convert thatch to tiles is over-sheeting; this method involves overlaying the original thatched roof with tiles or roof sheeting. Due to the fact that the original roof is being over-sheeted there is much less disruption to the home or inside of the building during the process of re-roofing. The insulation properties of the thatch roof underlay also means that additional insulation does not need to be installed. The original thatch roof needs to be in a particularly good condition to make this a problem free roofing option which may involve some work on the thatch before over-sheeting.

Thatch Roof Conversion - Original Structure Stays

Structure Stays

Keep the original pole structure of the roof - remove all thatch covering and replace with tiles or roof sheeting. This option removes all of the thatch from the roof and opens the house or building up during the process of conversion. It allows for more options on the choice of internal finishes such as ceilings; many clients decide to re-lay a thin layer of thatch over the laths to create a thatch ceiling which retains the warmth and rustic feeling of the inside of the home. When you convert thatch to tiles using this method insulation needs to be installed between the ceiling and roof tiles to ensure heat management in the home.

Thatch Roof being Reconstructed with new roofing

Renovate & Reconstruct

This system is for those looking to totally renovate and re-construct their roof; the entire roof covering and structure are removed, the roof is redesigned and reconstructed from scratch. In this case the roof can be constructed with pre-fabricated trusses as per our trussed roof construction or with a pole structure built on site. Clients can redesign and renovate their roof entirely and choose their new roof covering, internal ceilings, eave ceilings and gutter systems.

"We finally did it! We converted our thatch to a tile roof using a product called Onduvilla. No dust, leaks, no more wind chill. Living in the windy City of Port Elizabeth we previously had serious wind gusting through the thatch (absolutely freezing in winter) we were forever living in fear of bush fires and lightning storms. Maintenance on the forever decaying thatch is now a thing of the past. Jonathan’s crew have an amazing work ethic, we have tackled major renovations in the past but nothing on this scale and their workmanship is inspiring, clean, neat and steady. Thank you for giving us a new home."
Thatch Roof Converted to Tiles, Port Elizabeth
Mr. & Mrs. Saunders
Residential Client, Port Elizabeth

Roofing Products for Thatch Roof Conversions

There is a wide variety of roofing products available to convert thatch to tiles or an alternative roofing solution – your choice of roofing will depend on the shape of the roof structure, the location and climate of your home and your personal preference of the aesthetics of the roof. 

Onduline Roof Sheeting - A Flexible Roofing Solution


Onduline is a cost effective, flexible, lightweight, corrugated roof sheeting made from organic fibres saturated in bitumen and pressurised under extreme heat.

The roof sheeting is available in four colours: red, green, black and brown.

Onduvilla Roof TIles - A Flexible Roofing Solution


Onduvilla is the premium roof tile from the Onduline Group; elegant, lightweight, flexible and extremely attractive this roof tile is the most popular option with clients choosing to convert their thatch roof to tiles. Available in four "shaded" colours which give the apprearance of a textured, mediterranean style roof.

AZ200 Corrugated Roof Sheeting


AZ200 is a corrugated aluzinc roof sheeting is not commonly used in thatch roof conversions due to the fact that it is not a flexible roofing product. It can however be used to convert roofs that are constructed with straight edges and angles. The roof sheeting looks extremely attractive when installed and is available in a range of colours.

Metrotile Roofing Tiles - A Flexible Roofing Solution


Metrotile is a lightweight aluzinc coated steel tile that is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and carries a forty year guarantee on the coast. The tiles are interlocking and flexible making them a great choice for thatch roof conversions. Various profiles and colours are available including Woodshake (pictured above) which is designed to look like a traditional wooden roof.


The shingle roofing system that we use is designed to be a lightweight, aesthetically stunning roofing solution. The tiles have a strong core, are extremely colour fast, weather resistant, maintenance free and beautiful looking. They are available in various colours and profiles.

For advice on the most appropriate choice of roofing product for your roof conversion please get in touch with us.

Recent Projects

Thatch roof which has been converted to aluzinc roofing

Convert from Thatch to Roof Sheeting

Our most recent thatch roof conversion was on a big family home in Komani (formerly Queenstown). The roof was converted from thatch to corrugated aluzinc roof sheeting, transforming the entire look of the home.

Thatch Roof Converted to Metrotiles, Eastern Cape

Thatch Guesthouse Converted to Metrotiles, Hogsback

A thatched rondavel (or “roundhouse”) is quintessentially African – this guesthouse in the Hogsback mountains recently had a face-left to bring the traditional rondavel into a clean, modern space for guests to enjoy. Read more >

Large Family Home Converted from Thatch to Onduvilla Tiles

Thatched Home Converted to Onduvilla Tiles, Kareedouw

This large family home in Kareedouw, Eastern Cape, was converted from Cape Reed thatch to Onduvilla premium roof tiles in Charcoal grey. Read more >

Thatch Roof converted to AZ200, Joubertina, Eastern Cape

Thatched House Converted to AZ200, Joubertina

Upon first visit to this stunning residential home in the small town of Joubertina, we were struck by the impressive roof design with its high pitch, straight angles and edges which is uncommon in thatched homes that are not based on the traditional Dutch style seen in Cape St. Francis and the Western Cape. Read more >