Project: Traditional Style Thatched Roof in Cape St. Francis

This thatched roof in Cape St. Francis in the Eastern Cape was in need of a lot of care and attention. The client approached us to give a quotation on repairing or replacing the old thatched roof which was leaking and generally in a bad state of repair. Our team re-thatched the entire roof with Cape Reed fitting a fire blanket as they thatched and installing new drainage valleys to all valley sections.
The roof structure is built in a traditional style with a high pitch and gable ends.

Straight Edges and Neat Finishing - Thatched Roof
Straight Edges and Neat Finishing

Our team worked to ensure that the visual finish of the thatching was impeccable with straight edges and angles, no curves or uneven areas in the thatch.

High Quality Thatching - Bosazza Roofing
180 – 200mm Thick Thatch

The thickness of the thatch is 180 – 200mm thick as prescribed by the Thatchers Association of South Africa (TASA). The thatch is shaped around the dormer windows and neatly finished at the edges.

Thatch Roof Drainage Valleys
Thatch Roof Drainage Valleys

New valley sections were installed in all drainage valleys and the thatch shaped around them to ensure proper drainage.

Properly Finished Valley at Gable End of Thatched Roof
Properly Finished Valley at Gable End of Thatched Roof

Gable ends can be a problem in thatched roofs – where the thatch meets the end wall. It is important to allow drainage along the wall and to properly water-proof the junctions.
Work was completed in November 2016.

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